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History of Yunnan Military Academy

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Yunnan Military Academy was a famous military academy in modern China, praised as the cradle of Huangpu Military Academy, established in 1909. Its instructors and students proved capable of bearing the rigors of war during their military careers, equipped not only with comprehensive knowledge of military theory and familiarity with tactics, but also incomparable courage and skills in battle. Thus, Yunnan’s military was honored as an army of fierce soldiers and skillful leaders, generally victorious in battles.

The Former Site of Yunnan Military Academy now lies within the boundaries of Yunnan Agriculture Exhibition Center and Yunnan Library, its remaining main structures being a collection of magnificent traditional Chinese houses, with arched door openings at their corners, constructed of wood, earth and stone, arranged in a square. The Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western buildings are about 120 meters long and 10 meters wide, separate but symmetrically cohering into an integral whole. The Northern and Southern buildings built as students’ dormitories, with a protruding wing in the center of the Southern building provided for drill inspection.

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