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Steam-pot Chicken gets popular among world dragon boat racers

Updated:2017-10-26 18:59:35   english.yunnan.cn

Steam pot chicken is a famous dish typical of Yunnan. It is renowned for its unique way of cooking, tender chicken, delicious cooking liquor, natural taste and flavor, and rich nutrition.

The refined cooking way and special ingredients of Steam-pot Chicken, contribute to its distinctive taste. And the fresh and tender chicken, delicious soup and pervasive aroma, make it an unforgettable delicacy. 

The Steam-pot Chicken is usually cooked in Jianshui Pottery steamer to ensure the authentic taste: with a simple look but unusual shape, the steam-pot is round bellied and piped inside to conduct the steam which condenses on the roof of the cover, then drip down to become the chicken soup. 

As the cooking liquor is condensed from steam, very little delicate flavor of chicken is lost in the steaming process, so its natural flavor is basically maintained, the chicken is tender, and the soup is clear and delicious, making it widely praised by eaters.

The athletes who participated in the 13th IDBF World Dragon Boat Racing Champions held a few days ago in Kunming were fond of this diet very much. Some even said that they would like to learn the way of cooking and to share the dish with their families and friends.  

Editor: Eric Wang

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