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Come to enjoy Tibetan Yak Feast in Shangri-la

Updated:2017-10-31 17:42:38   english.yunnan.cn

Shangri-la Tibetan Yak Feast adopts 37 essential parts of the indigenous yaks which live 4,100 meters above sea level within Shangri-la as main ingredients, while including kinds of wild edible mushrooms and snow mountain vegetables.

Mixed with advanced technology and traditional process, the Tibetan style hot-pot feast is cooked by special and secret means. Yak is rich in the eight essential amino acids. It is natural, organic, fresh, tasty and healthy. Enjoying Shangri-la Tibetan Yak Feast Hot-pot, you can not only taste the delicious yak feast, but also appreciate the wonderful singing and dancing of young Tibetan boys and girls, and experience the authentic Tibetan culture.    

Editor: Eric Wang

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