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Granny Potato, a delicacy of memory

Updated:2017-11-01 19:08:17   english.yunnan.cn

Granny Potato is a classic Yunnan delicacy, and it is simple to make. Yunnan people say the soft and chewable texture suits grandmas. Thus this dish gets its name of Granny Potato.

Cooking Granny Potato is quite easy and it takes five steps. Firstly, steam sliced potato, dry up and mash the potato. Secondly, pour some oil into a hot frying pot, stir fry over high heat. Thirdly, add salt, garlic and stir up. Fourthly, place the potato mash into a plate and finally, put the spring onion on the potato mash, sprinkle 'Laoganma' chili oil onto it, and then put some 'Laoganma' sauce on the top.

Grandma Potato is always something that everyone looks forward to. No matter who tries to recreate this recipe, it always tastes best when grandma cooks it.

Editor: Eric Wang

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