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Yunnan Normal University overseas cooperation bearing fruit

Updated:2017-11-08 17:30:58   

“I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations on the signing of the cooperation agreement between Bangkok University and Yunnan Normal University. Thai and Chinese higher education institutions can now prepare themselves for the implementation of the Thailand 4.0 Development Strategy and the Belt and Road Initiative in terms of personnel training and other forms of inter-university cooperation,” said Mr. Pornpop Uampidhaya, Royal Thai Consul General in Kunming. He made the remarks on October 13, when a delegation from Bangkok University visited Yunnan Normal University to conduct cooperative exchanges.

Over the past several years, Yunnan Normal University has attracted overseas students from more than 90 countries. Every year,overseas students from more than 40 countries study at Yunnan Normal University every year.

To date, Yunnan Normal University has signed cooperative agreements with 121 counterparts from 28 countries and regions. The institution of higher learning has also implemented practical cooperative projects with 57 universities and colleges in 18 countries. These include the United States, India, Myanmar, Laos, Bangladesh and many others.