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Xinhua Village in Dali: Town of silverware

Updated:2017-11-17 18:20:33   english.yunnan.cn

At the foot of the Fenghuang Mountain in Heqin County, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, there is a beautiful and quiet village called Xinhua.

It is a village where Bai people have dwelt for generations. Tourism in the village integrates rural scenery, folk houses, local customs, handcraft and wetland. Among the handcrafts created in Xinhua, the silverware is the most well-known both at home and abroad. 

It is said that the villagers began to make silver handcrafts more than one thousand years ago. Hence the village is also called a “Town of Silverware”. Even today, many of the villagers are still involved in the making of silver handcrafts. But different from the past, modern tools are used in selling of the products, including Wechat, Taobao and so on.

Travelling in Xinhua Village would be a worthwhile journey. You can not experience the thousand-year-old customs of Bai people including silverware making and folk house visiting, but also enjoy the local idyllic life and the beautiful landscapes of Caohai Wetland.

Editor: Eric Wang 

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