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Yang Liping's “Dynamic Yunnan”

Updated:2017-11-24 17:39:09   

“Dynamic Yunnan” is considered as a pioneering force in the promotion of Yunnan ethnic culture by using songs, dances and dramas.

A decade ago, Yunnan artist Yang Liping created the sensational dance "Dynamic Yunnan". Since then the show has proved tremendously successful both at home and abroad.

Actually, the show was a labour of love for Yang, who spent three years trekking ten thousand kilometres to choose actors and actresses, along with collecting props including folk instruments for the piece. 

It is commented that the “Dynamic Yunnan “ is a masterpiece of artistic work that spotlights the unique character of Yunnan. It is regarded as a milestone creation in Chinese stage and dance history. The show has been performed 4,000 times in 42 cities around the globe. It is indeed one of the best examples of the development of Chinese minority art as well as Chinese theater show culture.

Tickets are available at the price of ¥480 / A ¥360 / B ¥260 / C ¥180 in Yunnan art theatre for the “Dynamic Yunnan”.