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Hani marks traditional New Year with Long Table Feast

Updated:2017-11-27 16:07:21   english.yunnan.cn

From November 24 on, the Hani people in south Yunnan’s Honghe County celebrated their traditional New Year, or “Tenth Month Festival”.

The festivities were highlighted by the Long Table Feast, also called the Long Street Banquet or Long Dragon Banquet.

Tables are laid out in the street, end to end, which can extend up to a kilometer. Families compete to bring the most sumptuous dishes to the table, such as deep-fried fish, pickled vegetables, and fried bamboo shoots.

But Hani New Year is not an exclusive party. Gorgeous Hani ladies in exquisite traditional costumes, adorned with silver ornaments, line up at village entrances, rice wine in hands, to greet visitors.

Also, a cooking competition was concurrently initiated in the open field this year, with the Hani-Terrace as the background. Other ethnic groups such as the Dai, Lisu and Yi also joined the festival, forming a sea of joy.

Falling on the first Dragon Day of the 10th Hani lunar month, the festival usually lasts for five or six days, and it is similar to the Spring Festival for the Han people.

Source: Yunnan Daily and CCTV; trans-editing by Eric Wang

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