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Yunnan-Vietnam Railway in photos

Updated:2017-11-28 16:08:55   english.yunnan.cn

A photo exhibition entitled “People Living along the Meter-Gauge Railway” was recently launched in Kunming. 

The exhibition is part of the project “Disappearing Traces: Yunnan-Vietnam Railway in Photos.” A total of 110 photos by eleven Chinese (Yunnan) and French photographers are exhibited, attracting a large number of citizens as well as professional and amateur photographers.

The project aims to record and exhibit the historical traces, natural wonders and diversified ethnic cultures along the centennial old Yunnan-Vietnam railway in photos, letters, documentaries and other forms.

The Yunnan-Vietnam railway of narrow gauge(1,000 mm in width) was built by French in 1910, stretching for 854 kilometers from Kunming to Hai Phong in North Vietnam. In December 2014, the Mengzi-Hekou railway of standard gauge(1,435 mm in width) was open for passenger and freight transport, and it replaced the whole function of Yunnan section of Yunnan-Vietnam narrow gauge railway that goes from Kunming, via Mengzi, to Hekou, a Chinese border county between China and Vietnam.

Though 100-year-old Yunnan-Vietnam railway of narrow gauge quit the market, it is expected to be developed into a tour route since travelling on narrow gauge railway will be a fresh experience for tourists and there are lots of landscapes and culturescapes along the routes.

Photo by Yang Zheng and Zhang Tong; Editor: Eric Wang

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Editor: Eric Wang