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Green banquet in Dehong

Updated:2017-11-30 19:13:50   english.yunnan.cn

The "green banquet" is ingrained in the dietary tradition of the Jingpo people in Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, west Yunnan. Among the various menus of the Jingpo people, one can find unsurprisingly that spicy and ungreased flavors dominate the Jingpo catering.

Among delicacies in the “green banquet”, a great variety of food materials are fetched from the wild, and prepared by roasting, boiling, frying and pickling etc. They are served in green leaves. Hence the banquet name.

All the food are cooked elsewhere and wrapped in leaves when served at the banquet. Everything is green except the soup which is served in a large bowl. There are no small bowls, no plates, and no wine sets—the needed wine sets are made from bamboo. 

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