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70-year-olds set up painting club to record beautiful Kunming

Updated:2017-12-01 18:34:43   english.yunnan.cn

When winter comes, the tree leaves along the Daguan River in Kunming turn yellow and their images are reflected in the still water. How amazing it is! Walking on the banks, many people can’t help pausing for a moment and grasping this beautiful moment with their smart phones.

On December 1(Friday), the scenery is more attractive because there comes a group of elderly painters who sit quietly to draw the beautiful sceneries along the banks. They are just like a part of the scenery.  

These elders come from the “Friday Painting Club” where the average age of the 20 members is over 70 years old. Every Friday, they would gather and record the beautiful Kunming with their brushes. The painting club enriches their life, relieving their loneliness through outdoor activities and exchanges.  

Photo by Yang Zheng; trans-editing by Zu Hongbing 

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Editor: Eric Wang