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260 folk artists presented dish-serving dances in west Yunnan’s Nanjian

Updated:2017-12-03 14:53:45   english.yunnan.cn

On the night of December 1, the China•Nanjian Dish-serving Dance Cultural Festival was open in the government seat of Nanjian Yi Autonomous County, west Yunnan’s Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture.

During the festival,delicacies were served by local folk dancers to guests from afar. This is the highest courtesy of local Yi people.
More than 260 dish-serving dancers in 26 teams presented their exquisite artistry, creating a sensation on the scene.

The Nanjian dish-serving dance is a modern Chinese art treasure. To protect the culture and pass down the art, the Chinese Ministry of Culture designated Nanjian County as the “Chinese Folk Art Hometown of Nanjian Dish-serving Dance” in 2003. And in 2008, the dish-serving dance was inscribed into the list of national intangible cultural heritages. Today, the dance is not only popular in China, but also well-known in foreign countries like Britain.

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Editor: Eric Wang