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Ding Mei creates fast gene for tea

Updated:2017-12-06 18:35:06   english.yunnan.cn

When it comes to Pu’er tea, we are talking about a lifestyle, a slow, peaceful and happy way of living. Slowness and peace seem to be an inherent part of Pu’er tea culture.

"Creating great tea takes time and people today do not have time. So we make it faster." The‘fast’Ding Mei refers to is changing the way Pu’er tea is by making it a ready-to-consume commodity instead of preserving it.

Ding Mei, a former doctor, realized through her clients in Taiwan that despite living in a tea-growing area, she never realized there were so many customs and miraculous habits surrounding tea. She first got involved into the Pu’er tea business in 2003, which is a totally different industry from medicine. From the very beginning, she hoped to produce tea products that can be quickly consumed.

"This is a roasted flavour and this one is almost like an incense. Our tea pastes not have nine different flavours." To demonstrate how to speed up the creation of Pu’er tea, Ding Mei offered a "mini tea cake" for our reporter to taste. She said that in order to consumeit quickly, Pu’er tea should be standardized --roasted in a workshop. After, the tea paste, aroma and taste should be consistent.

The research and development of products such as tea paste took Ding Mei ten years of hard work. "I don't want to include additives in my tea pastes. I want to keep the tea's original flavour." At the beginning, we encountered difficulties in making the tea pastes. A block of tea could not be formed without adding condensation. But Ding Mei perservered with her principles so that the "small secret" of success was gradually revealed through numerous experiments. 

"I drink my own tea every day." To guarantee the quality and taste of her tea pastes, Ding Mei insisted on using only one process to extract a tea’s essence. At the same time, for the materials to be extracted, she screens for impurities to make sure her products are clean and hygienic. Today, the product is certified by the European Union and exported abroad. 

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Editor: Eric Wang