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Treasure hunting in Kunming Panjiawan folk collection market

Updated:2017-12-16 08:36:07   

Bronze ware, ceramics, jade articles, paintings and calligraphies, coins, stamps, comic books, old instruments… So many items come into sight that our eyes were kept fully occupied. Though they are not exhibited in museums, but just like those in museums, every item has its own story and history.

All of these are dazzling items on the 2017 Folk Collections Exchange held days ago in the Kunming Panjiawan Cultural and Art Collections Market where folk collectors gather every day to sell their treasures. Located in the downtown Kunming, the Panjiawan market has a long history and is an important exchange platform for collectors from Kunming and other parts of China.

If you are a treasure hunter, the market would be an ideal hunting place. Searching through the antiques, jewelry, paintings, calligraphies, old books and etc, you may find something you want if luck falls on you. Photo by Yang Zheng