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Photo exhibition in Tianjundian Lane, Kunming

Updated:2017-12-17 10:44:58   

In a city, every lane has its own story. Hidden in the lanes, there may be someone’s childhood, there may be a piece of unforgettable memory, and there may be an outdoor art gallery.

On December 9, the “Times of Portrait” Exhibition was held in the Tianjundian Lane, Kunming. All the exhibited works were taken by famous Chinese portrait photographer Xiao Quan and they are all about Kunming citizens. Walking though the lanes, people couldn’t help stopping and enjoying the works.

Undoubtedly, the photographer Xiao Quan tries to communicate with locals in a best way though this outdoor exhibition. 


The Tianjundian Lane linked the Wenlin Street and the then Southwest Associated University during the Chinese People’s War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression. Many scholars lived here in the war times. Though decades of years passed, the lane still keeps its original appearance, witnessing the daily life of local ordinary citizens. Holding this one-day outdoor exhibition in such a lane with profound culture and history, it seems that the photographer had started a dialogue between now and the past. 

Photo by Zhang Tong 

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Editor: Eric Wang