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Yi costume show in Shanghai: Exhibition on finger tips

Updated:2017-12-22 18:25:01   english.yunnan.cn

On December 18, the Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan held a Yi costume show in Shanghai Grand Theatre.

Wearing their traditional costumes and decorations, more than 60 Yi actors sang and danced before the audience, presenting them the most natural and authentic singing and dancing of the Yi people. During the performance, 257 Yi costumes were exhibited, including special occasion dresses, daily dresses, stage clothes and creative clothes.

Yi people’s costumes are a symbol and window of their own colorful culture. In recent years, Chuxiong has made great efforts in developing its ethnic creative cultural industry. The local Yi embroidery, including the costumes and decorations, are becoming popular in the county, even around the world. 

Since most of the works are made in traditional ways with needles and home-made clothes, the Yi embroidery is also regarded as a industry on finger tips. Many Yi women participated in the hand-made embroidery in Chuxiong. It can be said that behind the Yi costumes is a spectacular production line formed by a large group of Yi ladies. 

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Editor: Eric Wang