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How Kunming couple turns hobby into career

Updated:2017-12-24 13:50:29   english.yunnan.cn

Making a cup of fragrant coffee, trimming flowers and arranging them in a vase, baking desserts... it sounds good when we mention these hobbies. But when they are careers, a few people can stick to and succeed because it often needs more investment but produces less profit if you rely your livelihood on hobbies. And the Kunming couple Huang Yuehuan and Zhang Tao, are among them.

They set up their respective workshop at different corners of their apartment, turning their hobbies into their careers. 

As a tailor, Huang Yuehuan is committing herself to fabric art. In her workshop, sewing machine, electric iron, scissors, cloth of different colors and patterns are in good order and well arranged. 

Beside the sewing machine is the workshop of Zhang Tao who is a talented designer.

A tailor and a designer, Huang and Zhang lead an admiring life in the eyes of other people. When they both work attentively, the room is filled with snipping of scissors and clicks of mouse. “Fabric art is her interest and is also her career,” said Zhang Tao about his wife. They were classmates and both majored in designing when they were in college. After graduation, Zhang Tao has been persistent on the road of designing, while Huang Yuehuan chose to follow her mind and turned herself into a tailor. 

“I am fascinated by cloth patterns, ” Huang Yuehuan said, the more abstract they are, the more fascinated she gets. Clever in mind and quick in hand, she has made many refined products such as bags and bolsters which prove very popular with customers. They sell very well as soon as they are released online. “ I hope I can develop more products. I also want to hold training classes to let more people understand fabric art, “ she said. (Photo from Daguan Weekly) 

Editor: Eric Wang