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Yunnan students can apply for Chiang Mai University

Updated:2017-04-17 16:34:05   yunnangateway.com

Yunnan students can formally apply for Chiang Mai University in Thailand from now on, according to Dr. Bordin, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Humanities of Chiang Mai University. Heading a visiting delegation, Bordin said this recently in Kunming, when talking with Yunnan students and parents at a consultation conference.

Dr. Bordin briefed the current programs in Chiang Mai University, reported the living and performance of former Yunnan students in his university, and presented the procedures for Yunnan students to apply for Chiang Mai University this year. In addition to offering suggestion on studying in Thailand, Bordin also visited some secondary schools in Kunming.

Thailand has increasingly become a popular destination for students from mid-income family to study abroad, thanks to its high-quality educational resources and relatively low living costs. As one of Asia's top 100 and the world's top 500 universities, Chiang Mai University is even more popular. In recent years, the number of Yunnan students applying for Chiang Mai University increases by 30 percent year on year.

Generally, Chiang Mai University will organize two annual entrance exams in March and May. The exam papers are written in English or Thai language, while the oral defense is done by a video interview online, where professors of the university will talk to the candidates directly. The candidates are expected to master English and Thai languages in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

In 2017, the Faculty of Humanities and the College of Arts, Media and Technology of Chiang Mai University, plans to recruit 30 Thai language majors and 30 software engineering majors. The Thai majors are aimed to teach the language to foreigners after graduation. To help Yunnan students apply for Chiang Mai University, the said faculty and college have set up a recruitment center in Kunming: The Yunnan Pan-Asia International Education Center.

"Chiang Mai University has high standards for admission, with only 30-40 percent of the candidates admitted annually," said Ma Chi, Director of The Yunnan Pan-Asia International Education Center. Ma added that most of the admitted in the past years went through special training before sitting for exams. 

"The annual tuition for studying in Chiang Mai University arranges from 16,000 to 30,000 yuan, and the annual living cost in Thailand is generally 15,000-20,000 yuan per person.” said Ma Chi. "In recent years, our center has sent 200 students to Chiang Mai University," said Ma Chi. "In recent years, Central Asia has delivered nearly 200 students to the University of Chiang Mai. Of those who finished undergraduate programs, some furthered their study in the university, while others either stayed in Thailand or returned to Kunming for employment."

Chinese Reporting by Yang Zhihui; Trans-editing by Eric Wang

Images provided to www.yunnangateway.com

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