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Thousands queue for Laba porridge in Yunnan

Updated:2017-01-09 09:34:57   csa-expo.com

Laba porridge was dished out to thousands of people at the Yunnan South-Southeast Asia Buddhist Cultural Exchange Center, also known as Baohua Temple, on Jan 5 in Kunming.

The Laba Festival, or Laba Rice Porridge Festival, is held on the eighth day of the 12th lunar month each year. The dish is made from rice, jujube, nuts, gorgon fruit, lotus seeds, dried longan, and beans, and often symbolizes a desire or prayer for a fruitful harvest and good health over the coming year.

The Laba porridge at Baohua Temple was prepared in four giant copper pots standing more than a meter tall and two meters wide. Each pot contained more than a ton of Laba porridge.

The abbot of Baohua Temple hosted a blessing ceremony on the day and called upon the public to be kind and merciful. According to Buddhist beliefs, Sakyamuni became the Buddha on that day thousands years ago.

By Li Yingqing and Ge Jieru, edited by Owen Fishwick

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