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Zhaotong daredevil jumps off world’s highest bridge

Updated:2017-01-10 12:02:49   yunnangateway.com

Adam, an adventurous guy form N.E. Yunnan’s Zhaotong City, jumped off the highest Beipanjiang bridge with a parachute on January 8 and landed at the valley deep down safely 81 seconds later.

The 565-meter-high bridge was opened to traffic on Dec 29, and it connects Yunnan and Guizhou provinces.

Adam had succeeded in parachute jumps off the Longjiang bridge in west Yunnan and the Wanda twin tower in the provincial city Kunming. Both are newly-built landmark buildings in Yunnan.

Adam walks onto the bridge at dawn. 

He prays for success.

Adam is ready to jump.

His landing spot in the valley.

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