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Yunnan vice governor meets Singapore’s ambassador to China

Updated:2017-01-11 11:36:11   yunnangateway.com

Yunnan vice governor Chen Shun met with Singapore’s ambassador to China Stanley Loh in Kunming on January 6.

Chen thanked Singapore for aiding earthquake relief in Ludian County, saying that the ambassador’s attending the completion ceremony of the Singapore-funded school mirrors the country’s friendship to Yunnan.

Chen hoped to strengthen bilateral exchange and cooperation in industry, trade, economy, tourism, exhibition and education.

Loh said the recent years witnessed increasing cooperation and friendship between Yunnan and Singapore.

He hoped to continue bilateral cooperation produce trading, volunteerism by college students, cadre training, interconnectivity and tourism.

Chair of the Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China and Singaporean consul general in Guangzhou attended the meeting.

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