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Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs helps Yunnan boost global visibility

Updated:2017-03-03 08:31:08   Yunnan Express

Editor’s note: On February 20, the presentation “An Open China: An Amazing Yunnan, Sharing Its Best with the World” was held in the Blue Hall of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The event was attended by foreign diplomats from 140 countries, representatives from international organizations and business circles, experts, scholars and journalists. This edition of our news page will focus on Yunnan’s charm through their eyes.

Foreign Minister lavishes praise on Hogood coffee

“The coffee I just drank is called Hogood. I am not exaggerating -- this is the best coffee that I have ever tasted as a globetrotter,” said Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to an excited audience at the February 20 event.

Mr. Mina, third secretary of the political section at the Egyptian embassy in Beijing, came to the Hogood coffee booth immediately after the presentation. He finished a cup of coffee and could not help but give a thumbs-up. He said that Egypt is a big coffee consumer, but the cup of Yunnan coffee was indeed the best he had tried.

“To tell you the truth, Yunnan coffee is indeed the world’s best,” said Xiong Xiangren, chairman of Dehong Hogood Coffee Co., Ltd. He admitted that Yunnan coffee has not made adequate branding efforts in the past and therefore remains unknown to many people.

Why is Yunnan coffee the world’s best? Not long ago, a test was conducted comparing Yunnan coffee with Blue Mountain coffee, one of the world’s most famous coffee species. Both brands were brews were made with Typica coffee beans grown at an altitude of 1,600 metres. Hogood coffee received higher scores than Blue Mountain coffee in terms of both aroma and acidity, according to Xiong Xiangren.

“Yunnan and Blue Mountain share the same growing conditions -- namely high altitudes, volcanic soil, and bred using top-quality coffee varieties. But Yunnan coffee has decisive advantages,” Xiong Xiangren told reporters. Blue Mountain has a maximum daily temperature difference of no more than ten degrees Celsius, while Yunnan’s three coffee-growing areas have a daily temperature difference of between 15 and 20 degrees Celcius. This difference is the decisive factor making Yunnan coffee outperform Blue Mountain coffee.

Currently, Yunnan has a coffee planting area of 1.77 million mu, and produces 139,000 tons of beans annually. This tally accounts for more than 99 percent of the national total and about one percent of total global output.

Yunnan in the eyes of foreign reporters

On February 20, many foreign reporters also attended the promotional event for Yunnan and experienced the province’s charms.

Yosuke Watanabe, a correspondent from Japan’s Kyodo News Agency, said, “Yunnan’s ethnic cultures, songs, dances and clothing are very attractive. This promotional event is wonderful. I have been to Yunnan several times and this event fully showcased Yunnan’s best features.”
Barankin is a correspondent with the Beijing branch of ITAR-Tass. He came to Kunming during the 2016 SCO Kunming International Marathon and was impressed by the clear blue skies and the placid waters of Dianchi Lake. He said he loves Yunnan for its pleasant weather and friendly people.

Atul Aneja, a reporter for The Hindu in China, knows Yunnan very well. He came to the province to cover the past three sessions of the China-South Asia Expo, and has visited many places in Yunnan. He believes communication between India and China will benefit the four countries along the way, and Yunnan’s cooperation with Lancang-Mekong countries is also in line with India’s development needs.

Yunnan impresses attendees with 15,000 fresh flowers

At the Yunnan-themed promotional event held by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, all attendees were impressed by a flower wall consisting of nearly 15,000 fresh cut flowers from more than 50 varieties. All of the flowers, including roses and carnations, were provided by Yunnan Jinyuan Flower Industry Co., Ltd. So what is the current situation of Yunnan’s flower industry?

Beginning at 2pm every afternoon, large bundles of flowers are transported from flower production facilities across Yunnan to the Kunming’s Dounan Flower Market. Roses, carnations and daisies pile up like mountains. It is Asia’s largest flower market in action.

The Dounan Flower Market registers foot traffic of more than 10,000 people every day. This includes some 6,000 flower brokers from the market’s 1,000 flower enterprises.

“Great changes have taken place in my family since we began working in the flower industry. Our income has increased several-fold over the past decade,” said Jiang Junwen, who runs a flower production facility in Kunming. Other farmers who come to Dounan have also benefited from the growth of the province’s flower industry. Their average yearly per capita income has reached 15,000 yuan, 70 percent of which comes solely from flowers.

Not far from the Dounan Flower Market, the Kunming International Flower Auction and Trading Centre (KIFATC) is also a lively sight. According to general manager Zhang Li, nearly 500 buyers from all over the country attend auctions each day. An auction usually lasts three hours, and a transaction is concluded on average every four seconds.

So far, KIFATC has become Asia’s largest, and the world’s third largest, flower auction site in terms of trading volume. There, 4,000 buyers from all over the country export Yunnan’s fresh cut flowers to more than 40 countries and regions in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

“Now we understand Yunnan more”

“It was a great promotional event and has helped us better understand Yunnan!” These are the words of many foreign diplomats working in China who praised the Yunnan-themed promotional event held at the Blue Hall of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on February 20.

“China is a very big country, and it is not easy to understand all the details,” said Mrs. Bisera Fabrio, counsellor at the Croatian Embassy in China. She came to China not long ago and wants to learn more about China’s different provinces. “The Yunnan-themed promotional event was brilliant. A lot of Europeans travel to Yunnan every year, and I must go as soon as possible,” she said.

Mrs. Elena, first secretary of the Romanian Embassy in China, said she appreciated the opportunity to be part of the event and get to know Yunnan.

Enrique Escorza, chargé d’affaires at the Mexican Embassy in China, was still excited when leaving the Blue Hall. He said that Mexico and Yunnan are complementary in many aspects, and at the event he saw many possibilities for bilateral cooperation.

Some countries that are relatively far away from Yunnan are very keen to strengthen ties with Chinese provinces through the event. The newly appointed Iraqi Ambassador to China, Ahmed Berwari, came to the venue to seek cooperation with Yunnan. He said the Iraqi Embassy aims to strengthen exchanges with China in various fields, and promised he would urge the economic section of the Iraqi Embassy in China to examine information from the promotional event and seek possible cooperation.

Editor: Eric Wang

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