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SSACEIF closes with a signed value of 500 billion yuan

Updated:2017-06-19 17:18:53   english.yunnan.cn

The 2017 South-Southeast Asia Commodity Expo and Investment Fair (SSACEIF) closed in Kunming with combined business deals worth 500 billion yuan (around US$73.42 billion), according to an official news release.

SSACEIF, which took place June 13-18, attracted exhibitors from 86 countries, and 33 of them lie along the Belt and Road (also known as One Belt and One Road).

Through exhibiting, diplomatic dialogues and business forums, SSACEIF deepened trade and investment ties between China and South and Southeast Asian countries.

More than 6,000 senior officials, diplomats and dignitaries from 86 countries attended the series of high-end forums and conferences, with new cooperative mechanisms set up and new business opportunities created.

A total of 4,000 plus enterprises participated in the SSACEIF, of which foreign companies make up 42%.

Pakistan and Laos, as the country of honor and guest of honor respectively, fully displayed their own industrial strengths and national cultures.

The SSACEIF also witnessed signings of many investment projects, including 357 domestic ones worth 488 billion yuan, 32 projects by foreign investors worth 10.7 billion yuan, and 4 overseas projects by Chinese investors worth 3.5 billion yuan.

The 2017 China-South Asia-Southeast Asia art week and the Lancang-Mekong festival were also held during the fair, enhancing people-to-people bond in the region.

Around 500,000 visited expo, whose sale on the spot totalled 200 million yuan.

Chinese reporting by Zhang Ruogu; Trans-editing by Eric Wang 

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