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China Eastern to open Beijing-Kunming-Chiang Mai air route

Updated:2017-06-30 11:50:19   english.yunnan.cn

China Eastern Yunnan Airlines plans to launch the Beijing-Kunming-Chiang Mai air route on July 1.

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Boeing 737H airplanes will fly the route daily with flight numbers of MU2569 and MU2570.

Flight MU2569 is scheduled to take off from Beijing at 8: 05 and arrive in Chiang Mai at 15:25, with a 170-minute stay in Kunming from 11:40 to 14:30.

The return flight MU2570 will leave Chiang Mai at 8:30 and first reach Kunming at 11:40. Then, it will leave Kunming at 16:00 and get to Beijing at 19:25. (all local times)

Chinese reporting by Zhu Hai, Trans-editing by Eric Wang

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