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Yunnan discovers Flying Tigers relics, sites in bulk

Updated:2017-07-05 17:51:03   english.yunnan.cn

Experts with Yunnan Flying Tigers Research Institute and Yunnan Flying Tigers Museum recently discovered a variety of relics and sites left by the American Volunteer Group (Flying Tigers) in Chenggong District, Kunming City.

Online photo of Flying Tigers' re-visit to Kunming in 2015. 

Experts say this is by far the largest and most concentrated Flying Tigers sites ever found in China. The relics, which witnessed the China-U.S. friendship and cooperation in World War II, bear great historical and cultural significance.

Yunnan Flying Tigers Research Institute director Sun Guansheng said more than 10 ruins and sites are found at Wulongpu in Chenggong District. And the discoveries include the former Chenggong airport, command center, camp, fireplace, wells, mail rooms, air defense trenches, oil storage tunnels, and remains of crashed P-40 planes.

Located in a hilly area, the Chenggong airport used to be a strategic facility in safeguarding the Yunnan-Vietnam Railway, Yunnan-Burma Road, and Hump Air Route in the 1940s.

Chinese reporting by Li Hongfeng; Trans-editing by Eric Wang  

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