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[China Story] Yunnan, Spain discuss tourism cooperation

Updated:2017-07-21 10:27:37   english.yunnan.cn

Why YUFE shows interest in cooperation

Among the visiting guests, URV and PCT professor Salvador Anton shared insights on innovation in the governance of complex destinations, citing evidence from Europe and the Americas, while URV professor Antonio Russo discussed the new trends and threats in cultural tourism development where culture is strategic asset.


Stefan o Dominioni speaks at the symposium.

Stefan o Dominioni, director of the European Institute of Cultural Routes, elaborated on fostering heritage, innovative cultural tourism and sustainable development.

"Spain takes the lead worldwide in tourism management, data analysis and mapping, but Yunnan is weak in these (areas),” said Xie Hongzhong, deputy dean of Tourism and Hotel Management School, YUFE.

Xie pinpointed that Yunnan tourism is mostly artificialized, lack of cultural air, poor in tour packages design and lagging behind in relics protection. All are concerns of tourism professions.

Xie added Yunnan should construct its “own tourism system” by transplanting culture into tourist destinations and injecting innovative ideas to tourism.

What to do to further communication 

"We will carry out cooperations with YUFE and we will join hands with Yunnan to hold summer camps at cultural-heritage tourism destinations,” said Corrado Politi, directorate member of European Training Foundation, when asked about cooperation in the future.

Corrado said European cultural tourism professors will be invited to help plan and design tourist routes in Yunnan.

That very day, the Joint Research Base for Planning and Management of Tourist Destination was inaugurated in Yunnan.

The YUFE and URV will transfer their sci-tech achievements to companies and government organs for practice, and exchange students and visiting scholars will be assigned between the two parties.

“The two universities will jointly apply for national and international research projects,” said Zhang Min, “including projects with the World Bank and the United Nations Development Program.”

“The symposium has served as a bridge, letting us learn from each other.” “Living in the global village, China and Europe face common problems.” These are consensuses at the symposium.


Chinese reporting by Cao Yunbo; Trans-editing by Eric, Pana

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