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First automatic apple sorting line in Zhaotong spurs industrial upgrade

Updated:2017-11-07 17:57:54   

The first automatic apple sorting line in Zhaotong Investment Corporation Apple Park in Zhaoyang District, northeast Yunnan's Zhaotong City was put into operation on Nov. 6. It is the first high-tech apple sorting line imported from New Zealand to China.

The sorting line has four channels of "24 + 3" exits, including feed pool, cleaning machine, drying tunnel, weighing system, skin defect sorting system, internal quality sorting system, packaging system and other functional sections.

The sorting capacity is 12 tons to 15 tons per hour. For a single apple, it takes only 30 seconds from on line to off line. The sorting line could take at least 400 pictures of each apple, which assures 100% coverage of the apple surface information. 

For a long time, Zhaotong apple industry relies on traditional manual sorting, which resulted in increased costs, inefficient sorting and uneven quality.

By importing the apple sorting line, the traditional manual sorting mode was totally changed.