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[Have a bite of Yunnan] Grilled Erkuai, one of Yunnan 18 Oddities

Updated:2017-11-07 18:03:28   

Grilled Erkuai (Chinese Pinyin: Shāo ěrkuāi) is a popular traditional Yunnanese snack. It is a type of rice cake.

The way to make it is to press the cooked rice into round thin pancakes, toasted over charcoal fire, then smeared with sauce.

It is also sold as the popular street food, with sweet or savory condiments added, making a rolled-up snack. The sweet type contains a sweet brown sauce and peanuts, while the savory type is spread with lǔfǔ and bean sprout, and various other toppings. 

Grilled Erkuai is particularly popular in the tourist spots of Dali, Lijiang, Baoshan and Lijiang. Due to its peculiar name, it is listed as one of the Eighteen Oddities in Yunnan.