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Yunnan, Myanmar mull over more cooperation in agriculture

Updated:2017-11-10 11:36:05   english.yunnan.cn

"Our pig varieties are mostly imported from the United States and Canada. If you are interested in the pigs of the company, there can be new cooperative opportunities," said Hua Yuzhuo, an official with Yunnan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of the PRC.

Hua Yuzhuo said this during a talk with the visiting officials with Myanmar Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation on November 8. Having observed the pig slaughtering and meat processing details of the Phoenix Natural Food Company in central Yunnan's Yuxi city, the Myanmar officials had many questions to ask.

The officials are on the week-long 2017 Yunnan-Myanmar Animal and Plant Quarantine Technology Worship, which is sponsored by People's Government of Yunnan Province and undertaken by Yunnan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

Hua believed Myanmar boasts rich grassland for pig and cattle husbandry, and Yunnan and Myanmar can join hands to do more in agricultural cooperation.

In response to Hua, the head of the Phoenix food company said his company's equipment was imported from Holland and South Korea, and it has an annual slaughtering capacity of 1,000,000 pigs. Currently, only 600,000 pigs are processed every year, so imported pigs and cattle from Myanmar can also be processed here.

Myat Swe, an animal doctor and agricultural official from central Myanmar's Monywa city, said Myanmar cattle exported to China will be officially approved, and a quarantine and inspection station will soon be set up at the border to facilitate customs clearance.

Myat Swe said he has learnt a lot on China's quarantine technological practices and procedures regarding animal disease control and others, adding that the lectures in the past days were delivered either in Chinese or English and were interpreted in Myanmar and English languages.

"Myanmar will set up more official organs regarding quarantine and make more laws as China does, so as to facilitate international trade, especially agricultural products trading with China’s Yunnan Province," said Myat Swe.

Another official hoped that the Phoenix food company could help train Myanmar farmers in pig breeding techniques of practical use.

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