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Kunming Airport aims to be among world’s top 10 in transport scale by 2030

Updated:2017-11-15 08:40:52   english.yunnan.cn

The Kunming International Aviation Hub Strategic Plan, recently published by the joint effort of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) and the Yunnan Provincial People’s Government, proposes to make Kunming Airport a safe, green, smart and efficient international aviation hub. 

The Plan clearly defines the three functions of Kunming Airport as: an international airport radiating towards South and Southeast Asia; a modern integrated transportation hub in southwest China; and a new impetus for regional economic and social development.

It is planned that by 2030, Kunming Airport will be among the world’s top 10 airport in transportation capacity. The construction of the international aviation hub of South and Southeast Asia will be completed by then with an annual number of passengers of 120 million, of whom 22 to 24 million will be international passengers. 

Annual cargo throughput of the airport will reach 1.2 million tons. The expected 820 thousand landings and taking-offs will be ensured with 500 air routes, of which 200 are international ones that connect more than 100 cities.

In 2016, Kunming Airport transported more than 40 million passengers, exceeding Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and Shenzhen Baoan Airport. Now the transport capacity of Kunming Airport ranks fifth in China and 38th across the world.

Source: Kunming Daily; Trans-editing by Doris and Eric

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