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In pics: Revival of quake-stricken Ludian in NE Yunnan

Updated:2017-12-06 11:17:48   english.yunnan.cn

The top photo taken on August 4, 2014 shows the town of Longtoushan in northeast Yunnan’s Ludian County was stricken by a the 6.5-magnitude earthquake. The second photo taken by a Xinhua reporter on November 28 shows revival of the quake-stricken town.

More photos taken by Xinhua reporters on November 28 and 29 show detailed revival and rebuilding in Ludian County in the past three years.

Part of the newly-built town of Longtoushan.

The Longtoushan town-level hospital

The Ludian earthquake memorial

A villager of the Longtoushan town picks Sichuan pepper in the field.

Secondary students of the town exercise in their brand-new campus of Longquan Middle School.

Students have a class in their new school.

Xiao Zhizhen, a kid born during the Ludian quake, kisses her mother.

Xie Weili (2nd, L), who lost six family members in the quake, has a physical check-up by local medical workers.

Xie Weili gazes at the new buildings in distance 

Facing current white walls and blue tiles, well-equipped play grounds and rows of even street lights, the Xinhua reporters recalled the vivid scenes of muddy roads, collapsed houses, and folks in desperation in 2014. They felt as if they had been in a state of Time Travel.

On November 30 this year, the rebuilders announced the restoration works of the Ludian earthquake are completed.

Photos by LinYiGuang and Hu Chao; translating by Eric Wang

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