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Fuxing bullet train links up Kunming, Shanghai

Updated:2017-12-28 18:34:12   english.yunnan.cn

A new type of high-speed bullet train between Kunming and Shanghai – named “Fuxing” meaning rejuvenation – started operating on Dec. 28, 2017.

Connecting Kunming South Railway Station and Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, the No. G1372 high-speed train belongs to the Fu Xing series which reached the highest speed of 350 km/h on Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway in September.

It also made China achieved the highest railway speed in commercial operation in the world.

Compared with previous types, train Fu Xing features improved security, economical efficiency, comfort, energy conservation and environment protection. 

The overall design and key technology are achieved via independent research and development and with complete intellectual property rights. 

Comfort in cabin is also well considered including full coverage of WiFi, constant power outlets, various lighting modes and improved air conditioning system.

Perceptual systems were also operated to monitor running conditions of the train. The system will record the train's operation, safety, inner environment  and  general conditions of the train's parts. 

Thanks to improved design and technology,  air compulsion to train is reduced by 7.5%-12.3% compared with CRH380 series and energy consumption drops 17% at the speed of 350 km/h. 

Reporting by Hu Xiaorong
Translating by John Li

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Editor: Eric Wang