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One year on: Yunnan HSR trains serve 12.02 million passengers

Updated:2017-12-30 14:10:57   english.yunnan.cn

December 28, 2017 marks the first anniversary of the opening of Yunnan High-Speed Railways(HSR). In the past year, Yunnan HSR trains have served 12.02 million passengers. Now, 72 pairs of HSR trains run between Yunnan and other Chinese provinces.

To mark the occasion, a new type of high-speed bullet train between Kunming and Shanghai – named “Fuxing” meaning rejuvenation – started operating on the same day, connecting Kunmingnan Railway Station with Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station.

China's Fuxing bullet trains were unveiled in June this year and are capable of a top speed of 400 kmh. The Fuxing train officially ran at 350 km/h on the Beijing-Shanghai line on September 21.

The Fuxing was designed and manufactured in China, led by the China Railway Corporation. China holds the complete intellectual property rights of the new bullet trains -- electric multiple units (EMU) -- which have reached the world's advanced level.

The new bullet train will significantly shorten traveling time. Also, Fuxing's interior space is more comfortable than the previous Hexie trains as its carriage heights have been increased to around four meters, from 3.7 meters before. Its seat space is at least 102 centimeters wide.

What's more exciting is that passengers are now able to enjoy free WiFi throughout the entire journey, as well as more phone charging and lights adjusting devices. The Fuxing bullet train between Kunming and Shanghai is numbered as G1392.

On December 28, 2016, three EMU trains departed from the Kunmingnan Railway Station and headed for Guiyang (a station on the Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway), Baise (a station on the Yunnan-Guangxi high-speed railway) and Yuxi (a station of the China-Laos railway). The departures mean that Yunnan ushered into the HSR era that day.

Thanks to the high-speed rails, Yunnan enjoys fast access to other Chinese provinces. As of now, the Kunmingnan Railway Station runs 72 pairs of HSR trains, providing service to 42,000 daily and linking Yunnan to 15 Chinese cities (including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changsha and others).

Every day, there are 27 HSR train trips made between Kunming and Guiyang, Kunming-Changsha (21 trips), Kunming-Nanning (21 trips), and Kunming- Guangzhou (15 trips).

In the past year, the Yunnan-Guangxi high-speed railway also formed a new tourist route, which is almost as popular as the traditional Yunnan routes of “Kunming-Dali-Lijiang” and “Kunming-Mengzi-Hekou”.

According to the statistics of Kunming Railway Bureau, the Yunnan-Guangxi railway’s five stations near the scenic areas ( including Shilin, Mile, Puzhihei, Guangnan and Funing) has put through 4.15 million passengers, most vacation goers.

Kunmingnan Railway Station sees most departures in the morning and arrivals in the evening. As the top HSR station in southwest China, the intervals of train departure/arrival can be as short as five minutes. In the past year, the railway station received international tourists every day.

The train station gives a strong pull to Yunnan’s socio-economic development, while improving regional connectivity and turning the province into China’s pivot of opening up facing South and Southeast Asia.

Source: Yunnan Daily(Hu Xiaorong), Xinhua, CGTN; translating by Eric Wang  

Editor: Eric Wang