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Kunming policeman

Updated:2017-01-18 12:07:57   Yunnan Express

Faced with a thief taller than him by half a head who was wielding a knife, he did not flinch, but instead tackled the thief to the ground. He was stabbed twice. Instead of letting go, he pinned the thief until the police arrived. He was born after the 1990s and loves taking selfies. Hearing someone shout “thief!” he got on an electric bike to chase the suspect.

He is Jiang Guojun, an auxiliary police officer of the Wenlin Police Station.

On the evening of January 5, an electric bike was moving slowly along Kunming’s Yi’eryi Street. The three young men on the electric bike were looking stealthily at mountain bikes on the sidewalk. Having noticed their suspicious acts, two auxiliary police officers followed them. Then two young men got off the back seat of the scooter and began to pick the lock of a mountain bike.

“Thief!” The two auxiliary police officers rushed up. The three thieves ran in different directions. One of them got on the stolen mountain bike and tried to escape. The two auxiliary police officers called for reinforcement through their walkie-talkies as they ran after him.

Jiang Guojun’s post is at the gate of Yunnan Normal University. That evening, his shift began at 8pm, but he got to the police office early to make some preparations. Before he had time to put on his uniform, the call for reinforcements came from the walkie-talkie. He got on an electric bike and rushed to the scene. When he reached Wenchang Road, he was confronted with the thief riding the mountain bike. Upon seeing Jiang Guojun, the thief abandoned the stolen mountain bike and ran towards Yunnan University North Campus. Jiang Guojun jumped at the thief from behind and threw him to the ground, but the thief took out a knife and thrust it at him. Wounded in the left arm and the ear, Jiang Guojun refused to let go.

When other police officers arrived less than a minute later, Jiang Guojun was seen pinning the thief, who was obviously bigger and taller than him, on the ground. Jiang Guojun did not let go until the thief was handcuffed. Then he rushed to hospital.

Jiang Guojun’s arm was cut, but his head was more seriously wounded and received more than 20 stitches.

When the leaders of the Wuhua Public Security Bureau visited Jiang Guojun at the hospital and asked if he had any requirements, he said, “I hope the hospital can use some more effective medicine. Thieves are rampant with Spring Festival around the corner. I can’t wait to reunite with my buddies at work.”

The thief caught by Jiang Guojun is surnamed Ji and is 21 years-old. With Ji’s confession, Wenlin Police Station caught the other two suspects that evening and the next morning.

Jiang Guojun, 20 years old, was born in Yiliang County, Zhaotong City. He became an auxiliary police officer at the Wenlin Police Station last September. Now Jiang Guojun has been discharged from the hospital and is recuperating at home, and will soon be able to return to work. The Wenlin Police Station has applied to the relevant government departments to grant him the honorarium “Advanced Individual Taking Courageous Acts for a Just Cause”.

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