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Wang Jinda, a proud EMU driver

Updated:2017-01-26 10:52:02   Yunnan Express

Strongly built and wearing a well-tailored uniform, EMU (electric multiple unit) train driver Wang Jinda looks energetic and confident. He is proud that he can drive the first high-speed train on the Shanghai-Kunming Railway. It is the most memorable experience of his career. He has earned the honour through 15 years of hard work.

Wang Jinda is 35 years-old and an EMU driver at the Kunming Locomotive Depot at the Kunming Railway Bureau. He is considered a ‘star driver’ throughout the railway system. Since 2001, Wang Jinda has successively driven both metre-gauge and standard-gauge locomotives. Now he is Yunnan’s first EMU driver with the experience of driving metre-gauge locomotives.

Wang Jinda still remembers May 20, 2016, when he and his colleagues brought back Yunnan’s first batch of EMUs on the Beijing-Guangzhou High-Speed Rail Line. “I felt more than excited. I had mixed feelings,” said a tearful Wang Jinda.

It was in 2001 that Wang Jinda graduated from Kunming Railway Machinery School and became a diesel locomotive driver on the Yunnan-Vietnam metre-gauge railway. He did not expect that he would become an EMU driver until the Beijing-Tianjin Intercity High-Speed Railway went into operation in 2008. Seeing the EMU storm across his TV screen, he made up his mind to become an EMU driver some day. In June 2014, Wang Jinda smoothly passed the screening test for high-speed rail conductor candidates. Then, on July 21, 2015, his thirty-third birthday, he received his EMU license.

Although his dream has come true, Wang Jinda keeps reminding himself that he must live up to the responsibilities placed upon his shoulders. “Running a metre-gauge train or an EMU, my responsibility is always safe operation,” he says. When asked about the differences between an ordinary train and a high-speed train, Wang Jinda said that an EMU driver, must learn more and be ready to handle any emergency.

A high-speed train driver must go through a series of screening tests. By steps he becomes a trainee assistant driver and then an assistant driver, a regular driver and finally a high-speed train driver. If all goes well, it takes at least five years for one to be qualified as a high-speed train driver.

By Hu Xiaorong

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