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John: A Zambian in Yunnan

Updated:2017-03-06 12:08:05   yunnangateway.com

John is a Zambian young man who can speak fluent Chinese. He knows Chinese celebrities very well, be it Confucius, Jack Ma or Wang Feng. On January 14 when Chinese linguist Zhou Youguang passed away, John shared the following words in his WeChat Moments: "China has rich traditional cultures. We thank Zhou for giving foreigners an access to Chinese language and culture." Zhou is famous for his creating the Chinese pinyin (phonetic) system, while the WeChat is a popular instant messenger in China.

John loves music and Chinese culture. 

2016 is a year of bumper harvest for me

“2016 is a year of bumper harvest for me, because I participated in the Chinese Bridge (Chinese Language Proficiency Competition for Foreigners Across the Globe) first in Chengdu, and then I was sent to Beijing for the final competition. Finally, our group won the champion among twelve teams across the globe.” When John was interviewed with the Yunnan Gateway reporter on February 28, he couldn't hide his inner bliss any longer. He is the only in-Yunnan foreigner who won such an honor.

From Kunming to Chengdu and Beijing, John survived all rounds of fierce competition thanks to his fluent Chinese and musical talent. At the preliminary competition in Chengdu, John entered top ten easily by singing a Chinese pop song by Wang Feng. At the talent show of the final competition in Beijing, John performed a Tibetan folk song, contributing a lot to the group championship which was won through joint efforts with other two contestants. Meanwhile, John got to know around 70 Chinese speakers from China and across the globe, and he called them ‘incredible people’.

John (L 1)speaks at the Chinese Bridge contest.

Getting to know Yunnan via his Chinese teacher

John first set foot on Yunnan in November 2013, after he won a scholarship provided by the headquarters of Confucius Institute which allowed him to learn Chinese for one year in China. His choice of Yunnan Province was largely due to his Chinese teachers’ words: "The weather in Yunnan is especially good, and the provincial capital Kunming has spring-like weather all year round. What's more, fresh flowers can be seen everywhere. Maybe you’ll like it."

After arriving in Yunnan, John attended his one-year language program at the Southwest Forestry University. John majored music producing in college, and he was outgoing and cheerful in daily life. In the following year, John not only studied Chinese but also performed in his school. Due to his wonderful performance, he was sometimes invited to local old people's homes and kindergartens. As a result, John soon got accustomed to Kunming life, making many local friends.

John gets together with his Chinese friends.

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