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Dali village head Linden

Updated:2017-03-15 15:00:02   Yunnan Express

Linden's study includes a public liberary and a private one. (The Bund)

Linden is from the United States. The locals of Xizhou Town in Yunnan Province’s Dali Prefecture prefer to call him Village Head Lin. Why has Linden, one of the earliest foreign settlers in Xizhou, become a village head?

In 2008, Linden and his wife sold their house in the United States and came to Dali with their two sons. They invested all of their savings in the Linden Centre, the former residence of a businessman from the Xizhou Business Group named Yang Pinxiang. Here, Linden “restored the old as the old” in his effort to protect the ancient building.

Xizhou has a long history and is one of the birthplaces of Dali culture. Many refined scholars used to live here. Currently, a large number of distinctive Bai residential buildings from the Ming(1368-1644)and Qing (1644-1912) Dynasties, the Republic of China era and from modern times are still well-preserved.

 “As a foreigner, I promised the government I would protect cultural relics. I knew my responsibilities when working to renovate the ancient courtyards. It took nearly four years for me to go through all relevant formalities and complete the renovations. Then the Linden Centre went into operation,” said Linden. The Linden Centre provides only fourteen rooms to ensure that the courtyard will not be damaged.

The Linden Centre organizes excursions and home visits for guests every day. They also take guests to visit the morning market, watch how milk fan (a local snack)are produced, and learn about the process of tie-dyeing, as wells as other Bai handicrafts. There is a local workshop that has been making traditional milk fan for decades. The Linden Centre’s staff members often take guests to the courtyard to watch the process of making this delicacy. “When the guests visit local residents and handicraft workshops, local artisans earn more money and the handicraft traditions will continue,” said Linden said

Linden likens Dali to a lovely girl. “Uponcoming to Dali, I thought about doing something for her rather than leaving after a short stay.”

(Source: Yunnan Provincial People’s Government Network)

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