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African music helps restless zoo giraffe feed cub in Kunming

Updated:2017-05-25 10:21:39   Ecns.cn

A zoo in South China's Kunming City, Yunnan Province has turned to African music to relieve a giraffe mum after it became anxious and refused to feed its baby.

Photo/Yunnan Daily 

Keepers said the giraffe gave birth last month but produced limited milk due to anxiety. The calf occasionally drank from another giraffe instead.

Inspired by the idea that the soothing strains of music could boost cow milk production, keepers and veterinarians collaborated to play relaxing music for the giraffe.

The zoo finally decided to play African-style drum music on repeat, finding that the mother giraffe became less restless and stood still for a longer time. Keepers said the baby giraffe could now take milk from its mother.

Nie Hongliang, a keeper, said relaxing music can also be helpful for people suffering from high blood pressure and it naturally has the effect of alleviating stress and relaxing the giraffe.

Editor: Eric Wang

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