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Awareness of Asian elephant protection improves

Updated:2017-07-12 16:34:31   english.yunnan.cn

Speaking of wild Asian elephants, the villagers in Hebian Village in Xishuangbanna have a lot to share. The village borders an elephant reserve that is frequented by these giant animals every now and then.

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Now the villagers would no longer harm or expel elephants, even if they spot them jeopardizing crops. In return, the elephants seem to have stopped being mischievous when they visit the village.

Villager Deng Shengyong told us that early this year a female elephant gave birth to a baby in his sugar cane field. In order not to scare the newborn and mother, Deng and his family stopped chopping sugar cane until the animals left.

According to staff at the forest station in town, all of the farmers receive 800 yuan in compensation for every mu (0.0667 hectares) of crops damaged by the elephants. This has been standard policy since the local government began to buy wildlife liability insurance for farmers in 2007. There are also respective compensation standards for paddy, corn and fruit trees.

"The practice has effectively helped prevent tragedies of both man and elephant when confrontations occur, building a simple ecological preservation awareness among the general public,” explained Li Xiaoyun, who is a professor at Yunnan University. Asian elephants frequenting villages will become a new highlight for countryside and high-end tours in the future, attracting more and more tourists to the area.

(Dai Zhenhua, Wang Tingyao & Bo Da)

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