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Shared umbrellas available in Kunming via QR code scanning

Updated:2017-07-13 18:07:31   english.yunnan.cn

Life in Kunming becomes more comfortable. Following the steps of public sharing bikes, cars and electric motorcycles, ten thousand public sharing umbrellas have come to Kunming market.

From July 10 on, as long as you pay a deposit of 19 yuan (around 3$) and top-up 9 yuan (around 1.5$) on the app, you can use the umbrellas when it rains. It costs 0.5 yuan for every half an hour.  


This public sharing umbrella has a name: E Umbrella. According to the person in charge, Kunming is the 14th city where his company brings public sharing umbrellas for the convenience of citizens. 

In the future, the company will put more umbrellas in Kunming in the light of the ratio of 10:1 between the population and umbrella.

Editor: Eric Wang

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