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China’s fastest suspension monorail set for trials

Updated:2017-08-02 11:04:44   China·Yunnan

China’s fastest high-speed suspension monorail train has come off the assembly line and is ready for trial runs, according to CRRC Qingdao Sifang Company.

Liu Yuwen, deputy director of the company’s technology centre, explained that the train, which has a design speed of 80 kilometres per hour and a maximum cruising speed of 70 kilometres per hour, has completely independent intellectual property rights. It is capable of flexible groupings of from three to five passenger cars with a rider capacity of 300 to 510 people.

Also known as an air rail or air train, suspension monorail trains are new light-weight, medium-speed and low-cost public transportation options suitable for scenic areas, mountainous terrain and urban districts with huge market potentials. The track of the suspension monorail train is located above the car with little weather impact or risk of derailment.(Zhang Xudong)

Editor: Eric Wang

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