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33rd year, seagulls come back to Kunming

Updated:2017-10-09 17:43:34   english.yunnan.cn

Black-headed seagulls come to winter in Kunming for the 33rd year. “On October 8, more than 300 black-headed seagulls were discovered in the Dianchi Lake,” said Yang Ming, member of the Kunming Ornithological Society. 

Photo by Li Yanhui  with Kunming Daily

The coming of seagulls makes him very excited. He said he and his colleagues first found about 50 seagulls on October 6. But they are not confident about whether the seagulls are coming back because every year about 100 weak seagulls stay in Kunming around the whole year. 

File Photo

When the number of the seagulls is increasing in the following days, Yang and his colleagues are positive that the first batch of seagulls are coming back for wintering.

File Photo

Since 1985, black-headed seagulls has come from Siberia to winter in Kunming. They are vigilant and demanding on living environment. Their coming and wintering in Kunming is a signal that city’s environment is getting better after years of conservation efforts.  

Editor: Eric Wang

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