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A wealthy passage for Dulongjiang people

Updated:2017-10-19 18:38:05   english.yunnan.cn

Entering Dizhengdang Village, Dulongjiang Township in northeast Yunnan's Gongshan Dulong and Nu Autonomous County, you can see the unique and well-proportioned folk houses of Dulong people along the mountains and rivers.

Li Wenshi, a lady in her 70’s with facial tattoos, is weaving a Dulong blanket. Nowadays Dulong blankets have become a popular art for its unique handicrafts.

Dulong is an ethnic group which transitioned directly from late primitive society to socialist society at the beginning of new China. They mainly settled in the Dulongjiang River area. High mountains and deep valleys filled with ravines form a unique and nearly closed geographical environment. 

“In the past, when carrying goods by horse, it took us nearly a week to go to the county.” Li Wenshi remembers the old days when the transportation for leaving Dulongjiang was only a strop ropeway and a cane bridge. So once they went to Gongshan County town market, they bought supplies for the whole year.

With the Central Government’s concern and support, Yunnan Province has listed Dulongjiang Township as a targeted place for poverty-alleviation. The Dolongjiang Highway reconstruction is a key project being implemented to overcome the difficulties.

“By using the tunnel and the road, it takes only three hours to go to the county and we can return at the same day. I sold my Dulong blankets to the market,” said Li Weshi. “More and more people know my blankets and some of them even call me to order blankets.”

Though moving into their new house, Li Wenshi’s family still keeps their barrack. She said, “I will tell my children about our life in the past days, and ask them to study hard and follow the CPC forever.” 

Editor: Eric Wang

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