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Fishing festival opens in Jiangchuan

Updated:2017-12-29 10:26:57   english.yunnan.cn

At the shot of starting gun on Dec. 25, arrays of fishing boats were rowed to the Xingyun Lake of Jiangchuan District in central Yunnan’s Yuxi City, opening the 13th Jiangchuan Fishing Festival.

The annual festival, which has been lasting for 13 years, has been granted the title of a “China’s top ten county-level festivities”. Fishing season starts from Dec. 25 to Jan. 23 of the following year. Fisher folks will exhibit and sell their gains along the lake or in market, attracting numerous tourists.

During the festival of this year, bronze-craft shows, intangible cultural heritages exhibitions, folk art performances, and a provincial badminton invitational tournament will also be held, together with outdoor sports and rural-tourism activities.

Reporting by Wang Yunru; translating by John Li 

Editor: Eric Wang