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Lijiang, a perfect stay for May Day holiday

Updated:2017-04-24 09:24:12   chinadaily.com.cn

One of China’s most iconic and attractive tourist destination, Lijiang is often the number one choice of many a tired city worker when looking for a relaxing break during the May Day holiday from April 29 to May 1.

Split in two, Lijiang is a town of old and new. Top of the list is old town, a place filled with quaint wooden abodes and ancient architecture.

Here are a few tips to remember when exploring Lijiang:

1. Inns and the town are intertwined with the culture if Lijiang and should not be missed. There are many to choose from, each with its own distinctive qualities and with many offering a free airport shuttle service. Running hot and cold water is a given set against the inns’ latest mod-cons which include WiFi, free long distance calls, and breathtaking interior design.

2. Those wishing to unpack as well as unwind can head to one of Lijiang’s many bars to sip a tipple, read a verse of rhyme, and share stories with locals and tourists alike.

3. Running through the center of town, Sifang Street is a hive of activity. Those wanting to hear a story or two about the street’s history need only ask a local shop owner.

4. In late April and early May temperatures in Lijiang remain volatile with high highs during the day and low lows at night. It’s not uncommon for daily temperatures to reach 37 C whilst dropping down to 3 C so pack your flip flops as well as thick coat.

Trickling through quiet Lijiang, streams are straddled by many arched stone bridges. [Photo/Yunnan Daily]

Lanterns bob upon the water, released by visitors to call for good fortune. [Photo/Yunnan Daily]

Propped atop the stony apex of a small bridge, locals while away the day in the midday sun. [Photo/Yunnan Daily]

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