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Sound eco-environment in Huize County invites in migrant birds

Updated:2017-04-25 18:39:11   yunnangateway.com

Picture taken recently shows  sound eco-environment in Huize County in NE Yunnan Province attracts migrant birds that came to Yunnan to spend winter.

Historically, Huize County was a famous copper production base among the Wumeng mountain range. Now, the area has more verdant woods and fresh air.

Last year, Huize adopted holistic tourism to restructuring its economy, and it turned out to be a success. 

The county received 1.6 million tourists and earned an tourism income of 1,5 billion yuan in 2016, and the figures represent the year-on-year increases of 9.7 percent and 13.38 percent respectively.

Chinese reporting by Zhang Wen; Trans-editing by Eric Wang

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