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Yimei upgrade plans to develop Yunnan tourism

Updated:2017-05-03 16:50:01   Yunnan Express

Yimei Industrial Holding Group, a Yunnan-based tourist market leader, recently announced plans to upgrade its tourism programs to further promote the province’s tourism industry.

Yunnan Grand View Garden, a famous Yunnan scenic spot managed by Yimei, will be available to visit for free this year, as Yimei has waived the site’s entrance fee as part of the company’s promotional upgrade.

Removing the entrance fee demonstrates Yimei’s determination to build the site into an urban leisure destination, attracting more tourists from other provinces.

Yimei will also begin the construction of two tourism projects in Lijiang this year—a 5-hectare business and recreational hotel and a new 167-hectare scenic spot.

Editor: Eric Wang

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