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Swedish tourist Anders: Culture barrier difficult to see when getting on with Yunnan friends

Updated:2017-05-12 17:40:24   yunnangateway.com

"As for culture barrier, it is difficult to see because my Yunnan friends and I usually have some very open discussions. If there is something that can’t be understood, we just ask,” said Anders Gustafsson, a Swedish man traveling in Kunming.

Swedish tourist Anders

Anders said this when he was accepting an interview with Yunnan Gateway reporters on April 28, and he added that his Yunnan friends treat him well.

"They have always treated me very well. Some of them can speak English and do the translation for me. And we often have dinner together.”

Anders said the strongest memory in Yunnan is when he and his friends were at concerts together.

Most of his friends are artists, including Luo Fei, an artist at the TCG Nordica culture center on Xiba Road in Kunming, He Libin, dean of the oil painting department at Yunnan University, and some other culture people in Dali City in west Yunnan.

Because of his friends, Kunming and Dali have become his favorite places to visit.

Anders first travelled to Yunnan in 2004, and since 2009 he travelled to Yunnan regularly, usually every other year.

Besides his friends, there are also other things that make him fall in love with Yunnan.

"The frequent travelling to Yunnan is mostly for my friends. And also because of the climate, the lifestyle and the generous people here.”

During his traveling in China, Anders even had a dinner with a stranger couple because they got acquainted with each other very quickly.

Up to now, Anders has traveled to quite a few localities in Yunnan, including Kunming, Dali, Luoping in Qujing and the Tiger-Leaping Gorge in Lijiang.

Anders also noticed some of the changes that happed in Yunnan in recent years, including the Kunming Changshui International Airport.

He thinks that the airport is one of the biggest in East Asian countries. And the Yunnan railways also become “easier” for people to commute. “They are better developed.”

Anders hoped more Yunnan people could open restaurants in Europe because many Europeans still do not know about Yunnan food.

By Eric Wang 


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