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Mopanshan: A national 4A scenic area in Xinping

Updated:2017-05-25 17:54:54   english.yunnan.cn

Located in the southeast of Xinping County, Yuxi City, the Mopanshan (millstone mountain) national forest park is 195 kilometers away from the provincial capital of Kunming.

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As an evergreen and broad-leaved primitive forest, the area boasts 440,000 cubic meters of living wood stock volume, and its forest coverage rate reaches 83.4%.

Scenery of the 242-square-kilometer forest park feature alpine meadows, cliffs, ravines, plank paths, lakes, azalea blossom and primitive forest.

Home to 324 plant species that belong to 98 families, the area is traditionally a holy spot for local Yi people to offer sacrifice to their ancestors.

And the park was recently approved as a national level 4A scenic area, together with three other areas: the Guanglu old town in Yaoan County, the Tropic of Cancer park in Mojiang County, and the Keyi little town in Mi’le County.

Source: Yunnan Daily; Trans-editing by Eric Wang

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