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Bird-watching paradise of Baihualing

Updated:2017-06-05 10:55:09   China·Yunnan

Photograpers are waiting in a shelter in Baihualing to take photos of birds. Photo by Chen Fei

Yunnan is China’s province with the most abundant biodiversity, and is often called the “Kingdom of Plants and Animals”. Over the course of future issues, we will take you on a tour of Yunnan’s 17 national nature reserves, and will relate the stories of change that have occurred over the past 60 years since the first nature reserve was established in the province.

The Gaoligong Mountains in western Yunnan are the largest nature reserve in the province, and the famous bird-watching resort Baihualing is located in the range’s southeast.

Bird Pond is one of the best bird-watching spots at Baihualing. Here, you can take photos of large fly-catchers, red-tailed laughing thrushes, blue-brow bush robins, streak-breasted scimitar babblers and other exotic birds. The most interesting birds are rufous-throated partridges. They are alert by nature and generally five to six of the birds form a group. They quietly leave the woods and tentatively walk into the pond. When they are sure of the group’s safety, they will begin to eat, with one of them will always keeping watch. They will quickly flee when danger is detected.

Editor: Eric Wang

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